Negotiation to sell more

Level up your conversions & engagement by inviting customers to negotiate with you.

Increase sales

Increase engagement and conversion by offering visitors a chance to negotiate. Don’t lose a customer for price!

Repeating customers

Repeated visits to your store for their next purchase to find a better deal with you again.

Improved order value

Close offers from customers having a better price in mind, instead of losing your margin with a flat discount.

How it works

Install in seconds

Simple & quick to start. As soon the app is installed, you can add as many products or collections as you want to the app. The Name Your Price button will show up on your product page instantly.

Set your accept price

You can set your accept price for the product or a collection so the Name Your Price button will show up on your product pages. This accept price will not be revealed to customer.

Automatic negotiation

App will interact with customer based on the unrevealed accept price you set. The app will automatically accept, counter, or reject the offers on your behalf. Customer can instantly add the accepted offer to the cart.

Sell more!

Shoppers love discounts, and even more the personalized discount offers! With this app, you make every day a festive offer day for you and for your customer, enabling them to make offers & pay what they want.

You control the accept price

You have full control over your price. Offer will never be accepted below the Accept Price you set. You decide which specific product(s) to enable the feature for, or for the whole collection while blocking a specific product within the collection.

Fully automated

The offer closes instantly creating a specialized discount code and enabling customer to add to cart, without your intervention in between. You just set the accept price and watch the offers coming in.

Unlimited products & offers

No limit on how many products or collections you enable for negotiation. And the customer can negotiate as many products as they wish and checkout all of them at once.


Free To Install

We're paid only when you do!

We charge only 1% on the offers made through Lury that are converted to a fully paid order.
No monthly charges or hidden fees.

  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Offers
  • Full Customization
  • Priority Support

Amplify your sales & engagement with negotiation

Start offering your visitors to negotiate with you!